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24 July 2011 @ 05:20 pm

 Okay so, in honor of the debut of Kis-My-Ft2, I will be working on a portrait collage project involving individual drawings of each members. (Although that wasn't my initial plan.....) The problem is, finding good reference pictures!!!! If anyone has any pictures in mind that they would either A - Like to see me draw or B - Think is suitable for the project, please post a link in the comments box! So far, I've completed a portrait of Kitayama and I'm in the process of working on a portrait of Taisuke. For the remaining members, I am in need of some assistance in choosing and finding pictures. Any help would be greatly appreciated <3 The only requirements are - The reference photo must be clear, waist up, high quality with good contrast. Also, if you can, please avoid side views! Thanks in advance :D

Here is what I have completed so far : 

And here is what I'm in the process of drawing : 

I apologize for the low-quality photos. D: And please note that the work in progress is STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. (Taipi's face looks really creepy with all the shading lines - I KNOW. LOL) I have many ways to go before I finish xD 

This will be a very long project, but I really hope I can complete it for these guys. <3 I'm so happy to see them finally debut and they are quickly becoming my horrible bias :D

I'd write more....but idk what else is worth writing. So....that's all for now~ 

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This is the result of doing nothing in school.....and hanging out with Jenny.....LOLOLOLOL. I really need to read some concert reports. I'd have so much more of these to draw that way....

This one I did awhile back as a test for colored pencils.....I can't color for my life OTL. Oh well. At least I try. (Also....I cheated and copied this picture.....but I made Tai-chan a little chubbier for more accuracy ;D) 

And...because I have nothing else interesting to write.....I'll leave it at this.

Expect more random nonsensical drawings/doodles and craft-like projects relevant to Johnny's entertainment soon! :D

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